Private Jewish Heritage Tours

Travelling to Jewish Europe is a unique experience and we are pleased to offer our expertise as Europe’s largest and best-known Jewish tour company. Milk & Honey Tours has been servicing Jewish travelers throughout Europe for the past 14 years in over 50 destinations. Our hand-picked local guides have up-to-date, insider knowledge of today's Jewish communities and will be pleased to share this with you. Come and discover the Jewish heritage of Europe through our tailor-made, private tours!

Private European History, Art & Architecture Tours

If you're in search of an exhilarating way to experience the rich culture and history of Europe, you've come to the right place! Milk & Honey Tours is the premier tour company offering bespoke creative travel for the 21st century explorer. We offer both classical and specialized tours - a perfect choice for anyone seeking a stimulating, in-depth look at Europe through the eyes of knowledgeable, passionate locals. Come and experience Europe’s hidden treasures through our fully-customizable private tours!

Small Group Tours

If you are looking for our Jewish tour experience but would rather prefer a small group tour, his is your perfect choice! We are launching our very small group tours in some of our most popular destinations, with the same quality but at a lower rate, so that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy our services, as the Europe's largest and best-known Jewish tour company. Come and discover the Jewish heritage Europe through our selecion of small group tours!


Berlin, Budapest, Prague and Vienna









Culinary Academy

Milk & Honey cooking workskhops and culinary tours are curated by our very own culinary advisor, chef Gaby Baum, who has personally trained and shared her passion for food with each of our instructors and guides.


Born between Strasbourg and Freiburg, Gaby grew up in a food-loving family. After retiring from her first life as teacher, she honored this tradition by opening her own studio where she is giving lectures and teaches cooking, while also providing culinary advise to several institutions. While she is specialized in kosher cooking, she loves to study other culinary traditions as well. Married to a passionate traveller, she is developing our Culinary Academy portfolio day by day.

If you are living in Berlin - join our PURIM cooking classes in February! Purim Seuda – die Festmahlzeit mit Weinbegleitung -
Hamantaschen frisch gefüllt - Mischloach Manot mit dem gewissen Etwas 25., 26., 27. Februar.

Lifecycle Events

Your family wants to travel to Europe and is considering a life cycle event overseas? Bar or Bat Mitzvah, chuppah, renewal of wedding vows, an important birthday - we are ready to help with the ceremony and celebrations!


With our excellent connections to communities - not to mention our extensive network of rabbis and cantors all over Europe - we would be pleased to help plan important simchas for you.



Discover Jewish Greece

A Journey to the Cradle of Western Civilization
October 9th — 17th, 2018


Discover the breathtaking history of this ancient country and its history of Jewish life across centuries.

With 6,000 active members spread across its numerous communities – plus gorgeous synagogues and unique Jewish history-related destinations throughout – there will be no shortage of sights to see
on this Greek adventure.


Group Travel

Are you planning a study excursion or field trip with a group to Europe? We are proud to be the first Europe-based Jewish tour company to provide Jewish and non-Jewish groups with the deepest possible insight into the Jewish past and present here in the “Old world”, the world of our ancestors – and, as is our hope, the world of our children and grandchildren.


Milk & Honey Tours will put together a customized tour program for your group and provide you with expert guides who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in guiding tours of your specific interest.