Bente Kahan Foundation renovates Synagogue

It is the first major project the Norvegian-Jewish singer supports - Bente Kahan Foundation renovates Synagogue:

“In 2007 a consortium of these two institutions – together with the municipality of Wroclaw – was established. The consortium managed by the Bente Kahan Foundation is very effective at acquiring financial means for the complete renovation of the White Stork Synagogue and its courtyard. The restoration works that have begun in 2008 and will last until the end of 2009 will cost about 10 million PLN. This stage of renovation will be financed by the EEA Grants, funds of the non-EU countries, (members of the European Economic Area) won by the consortium in a competition for the projects for the renovation of historic buildings organized by the Polish disposer of the grant (the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage) as well as by the municipality of Wroclaw and the owner – The Association of the Religious Communities in Poland.


The synagogue will keep its ritual functions but it will also strengthen its role as a modern international centre for culture and education including the Jewish Museum that will be established in the basement and on the balconies of the temple. The city will finally regain the Jewish part of its soul.


The White Stork Synagogue is yet again a place of worship – its walls resonate with the sounds of Jewish prayers led by the rabbis Ivan Cane and – since 2006 – Icchak Rapoport.

The Wroclaw Jews gathered here for special occasions and times when the old praying hall is too small to house every member of the community and its guests. The synagogue is also a dynamic centre of Jewish culture – a place of exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances workshops and meetings. The temple benefits from the great acoustics in its interior as well as from its size – it can accommodate a couple of hundred people.” (FBK, website)