Charoset Contest Results

The first Milk & Honey Tours recipe contest has come to an end! Thank you to everyone who sent in such great recipes. We were especially proud that the three winners come from three different parts of the globe, showing how much our Milk and Honey Tours family has grown.

First prize: Myrna Moreno, Curator of the Jewish Cultural Historical Museum in Curacao. Here is her story:
Their synagoge Mikve-Israel Emanuel is the oldest one in the Western Hemisphere still in use. They were originally Sephardic, but in the 1920’s Ashkenazi Jews moved to the island so now the community of 400 is mixed.

Her charoset was full of exotic and spicy flavors. It was stiff and hearty and tastes great frozen. The preparation is a bit of work, but well worth it.
Myrna will receive 2 free overnights for two persons in a 4 star hotel in Berlin, a free 3 hour walking tour of Jewish Berlin and two lunch packages from Baums Buffets. Congratulations!

Second prize: Martine Israel in South Africa
The recipe was given to her by her mother in law Stella Israel, a survivor of the Holocaust originally from the island of Rhodes.
Martine’s charoset is very sweet and soft, with a creamy consistency. It needs to be softened overnight, so the preparation is a bit longer, but good things take time. It will surely be a big hit with children.
She will win a 3 hour free tour of a Milk & Honey Tours destination of her choice. Congratulations

Third prize: Tessie Finkelstein in Vancouver, Canada
Tessie’s Eastern European charoset looks like mortar, but is sweetened with honey to appeal to the children when making Hillel sandwiches. Her family was the H.R.S. (Hardin, Rodnunsky and Satanove), which created an association to bring the family from Europe to Canada and helping pay for their educations.

Her charoset was fresh and piquant with a touch of ginger. It is quite easy to make and also delicious. A win-win.
Tessie will win a 3 hour free tour of a Milk & Honey Tours destination of her choice. Congratulations to all of you and thanks for participating!



Milk&Honey Tours Had asked Berlin based artist Atayla Laufer to join the tour, our winners did a few months later. Enjoy her report by downloading the PDF