Judafest in Budapest

The 4th annual JUDAFEST street festival took place in Budapest, Hungary last Sunday on Kazinczy Street, famous for its orthodox institutions and restaurants. The yearly festival focuses on contemporary Hungarian Jewish art and culture in all forms and of course hearty kosher and non-kosher Jewish gastronomy.

It’s a great occasion to get to know Jewish organizations, NGO’s, make friends, eat, drink, shop and dance. Question and answer sessions with rabbis, Jewish stand-up comedy, kids’ programs and concerts attract the crowds.

The festival, geared towards mostly non-religious Jews takes place in the former Jewish “ghetto” where at the same time more and more kosher shops and eateries open their doors, reflecting the growing interest in kosher products in Budapest.

Óvás (protection/protest) Association, which managed to stop demolitions in the area and protect several old, historically important buildings from new development, has been safeguarding the area since 2004. Their street photo exhibit showed past and present owners of characteristic past and present spots from the Jewish area.

No need to wait another year though, for another Judafest, the 13th Jewish Summer Festival with its rich musical programs awaits visitors at the end of August – beginning of September.

Thanks a lot to our wonderful guide Gabi!