About Us

On the geographical hinge between East and West, Berlin is in a prime position to observe the recent changes in the European Union and take part in the debates and discussions about the role of Europe in the international community. Many of our guests realize that there is not only Jewish history to be found in Europe, but a greater Jewish perspective on related religious, political and cultural issues - and following our client´s needs we have created a network of our tours throughout Europe.


In our many destinations we offer our guests first-hand knowledge and experience of Jewish life today and we share with them our hopes and dreams for the future. Our guides are trained to present you with an eye-opening experience. Let us at Milk & Honey Tours be a part of your next journey and know that you are embarking on a trip you will remember forever.


And now a bit about us personally...

Noa Lerner Sauerbaum


Born 1965 near Düsseldorf, moved to Berlin in 1999 where she became an active member of the ever-growing Jewish community in the city. Prior to founding Milk & Honey Tours, Noa has worked as an associate researcher in a number of universities and institutions such as Moses Mendelssohn Center at the University of Potsdam, Steinheim Institute for German-Jewish history in Duisburg, The Old Synagogue in Essen and the Westfälische Wilhelms University in Münster. Her professional style, based on excellent inter-personal communications and an ability to make the best possible use of her enthusiasm and outstanding network, is the key to the success of Milk & Honey Tours. 


For over a decade, Noa has developed an exceptional knowledge and 'know-how' in the field of Tourism and in particular of 'Jewish Tourism' and she is passionate about the challenging aspects of Milk & Honey Tours, creative and administrative alike. She has cooperated with major local, national and international institutions, such as Centrum Judaicum, Abraham Geiger College, United Jewish Communities, American Jewish Committee, German Tourist Board, Berlin Tourismus Marketing, Jewish Museum Berlin and numerous synagogues and Jewish foundations.

Channah Arendt

Guide Liaison & Administration

Channah Arendt has been part of the Milk & Honey Tours team since early 2016. She has been deeply involved with the Jewish reform movement in the past 20 years and spent a lot of time exploring historical and modern Jewish Europe and North America. She has expanded her knowledge on the subject by studying Jewish Studies at Berkeley.


Channah wishes to raise awareness of European and world history over the centuries and how it has influenced and shaped the fate of the Jewish people. She also would like to open the doors of modern German and European Jewish life, culture and developments to all.


In her position, Channah is a focal contact for our 200+ guides across Europe, and carefully attends to all administrative concerns of the company.  She remains calm at all times, is a solid support to our team and always at hand to help resolve questions relating to our guests or the company.

Maria Josepa Cusidó Fàbregas


Maria Josepa Cusidó Fàbregas joined the Milk & Honey Tours team initially for a 3 month Erasmus work experience program, which impressed her so much, that she decided to stay on.


Maria is originally from Catalonia and speaks fluent Catalan and Spanish, as well as excellent English and German. She has travelled throughout Europe and is very familiar especially with our southern European destinations.

Maria studied journalism and humanities with a special focus on the history and culture of Europe. She loves working for and with people, and is fantastic when it comes to working out intricate itineraries and time-tables. These talents combined with her sound organizational skills make her an invaluable support to our team. 

Rose Mardit

Marketing and Destinations

Rose Mardit joined the Milk & Honey Tours team in January 2017 and is a creative master when dealing with editorial- and marketing-based work. Detroit-born and New York-educated, her background in journalism (Rose previously worked as a music critic) lends itself well to the tasks of contributing to Milk & Honey’s existing written materials and of composing appealing copy for marketing purposes.


She is an avid consumer of electronic music and vegan desserts in equal measure – and relishes every opportunity to travel.


Anna Pletneva


Anna Pletneva came to Milk and Honey Tours in spring 2017, inspired by her passion to discover different cultures through traveling. She studied languages in her native country, Russia, before moving to France for 3 years, teaching languages and completing her Masters in Cultural Tourism and International Communications.


Anna speaks English, French, Spanish, German and Russian and has a strong interest in cultures from around the world. After travelling all over Europe, Anna finds the cultural element to be the most important part in a journey. Her well-developed sense of organizing and executing an excellent trip is a great bonus to her work as a tour coordinator for Milk and Honey Tours. 

Lara Zilberkweit


Lara Zilberkweit joined the Milk & Honey Tours team in summer 2016. She is a multi-national with roots in USA, Germany and the UK, and is also a natural linguist, fluent in German, English and French.


Lara has travelled the world extensively and lived and worked in USA, Germany, UK, France, as well as Bhutan and India, developing an in-depth understanding of different nations and an appreciation of country specific ideas, cultural nuances, travel concepts and impressions.


She is familiar with many of our destinations and enriches our team with 10 years of international tourism experience. Lara has a great eye for detail and meticulously works out the perfect tour for each individual guest, making her a great contact person for all our clients.

Our Guides

We hand-pick our guides and put great effort into finding a guide who suits you. The key ingredient is  that not only do all of our guides have a vast knowledge-base of local history and Jewish history, but each one also has an area of specialization. Mostly Jewish Studies or History majors, they come from all walks of life…doing a PhD on the Jewish press in the 19th century, acting in the local Yiddish-speaking theater, leading workshops to unlearn anti-Semitism in schools, working at the local Jewish Museum, organizing intercultural meetings, teaching at university or writing books about fascinating topics on Jewish life past and present. Yet knowledge alone is not enough. We work with people who know how to explain complex social and historical realities in understandable terms. Our guides are worldly. Most speak several languages fluently and have lived or traveled extensively in North and South America, Israel, Australia and all over Europe. This is the Milk & Honey Tours’ style: knowledgeable, sensitive, enthusiastic and with love for the ’Jewish way of life.’ Come and meet our guides and have an enlightening conversation you’ll never forget!