07. January 2019
An Unknown Tale of Love and Loyalty. An Ufa star who refused to abandon his Jewish wife
17. September 2018
This is a review of our Jewish Heritage tour in Trieste by a participant on the tour. It has been translated from German and abridged.
02. August 2011
I have been visiting Prague and Jewish Prague since 1993 and have seen the changes to the city gradually transform it from a Sleeping Beauty to a European metropolis…still nothing quite prepared me for the visit this time.
06. June 2011
Atalya and I have visited Vienna recently. Coming from Berlin, Vienna gives me always the impression of being a European Jewish city ‘par excellence’, with Jewish life in a lot of facets to be found here. In the morning, heading to the Naschmarkt around the corner for a coffee, we found ourselves inside Neni I, an Israeli restaurant owned by the gastronome Chaya Molcho. We had a wonderful breakfast that we thought could only be found in Israel. A few steps up the lane of this wonderfully...
20. January 2011
Besides working like a madman to get ready for the start of the new year with a clean slate, and occasionally making it to Chanukah or Christmas markets to indulge myself with mulled wine or a few bites selected from various cuisine of the most various cultures, a totally unexpected and a, most likely, life-altering experience happened to me… I was recently invited to Join the family of my very best friend, Balázs (who made some beautiful photos on M&H website), for a very special event....
16. January 2011
The 4th annual JUDAFEST street festival took place in Budapest, Hungary last Sunday on Kazinczy Street, famous for its orthodox institutions and restaurants. The yearly festival focuses on contemporary Hungarian Jewish art and culture in all forms and of course hearty kosher and non-kosher Jewish gastronomy. It’s a great occasion to get to know Jewish organizations, NGO’s, make friends, eat, drink, shop and dance. Question and answer sessions with rabbis, Jewish stand-up comedy, kids’...
20. December 2010
This Chanukkah I have decided to treat myself to a special Chanukkah concert at the Green Salon, der Grüne Salon, the beautiful and recently renovated lounge room, which is a part of the stately Volksbühne, the „People theatre“ in Berlin’s Mitte.
06. November 2010
Thursday, Nov 4th, 2010 will become an important date in the history of Judaism in Germany. In the Pestalozzi St. synagogue in Berlin, three young people have been ordained as rabbis, amongst them a woman, Alina Treiger.
27. October 2010
Sixty years after it was emptied of its Jewish worshipers, the oldest synagogue in Hungary opened its doors to services this Rosh Hashanah.
27. October 2010
On Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010 I had the honor of attending a ceremony at Germany’s Federal Foreign Office in Berlin in which the Benno Jacob Scholarship was initiated.

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