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Berlin is one of Europe’s most exciting urban destinations. Constantly evolving, constantly re-defining itself, this hotbed of creative energy has something for everyone – art, nature, architecture, gastronomy and, of course, history in spades. Every corner of the German capital has a fascinating story, and we want to share it with you. 


With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city has had to re-weave its two halves together; to accomplish this, world-renowned architects like Frank O. Gehry and I. M. Pei came and added their spectacular new designs to the changing landscape. This period of reconstruction produced a blossoming tourism industry, booming business development and a sophisticated art scene. 


Our guides offer more than just trite historic tid-bits and generic Cold War clichés. Highly educated and deeply passionate, they are trained historians, published authors, university professors and public educators. They know this city inside out and delight in sharing it with visitors. We would love to offer you an insider’s view of one of Europe’s most dynamic cities. 


For those travellers coming to Berlin on a cruise ship, we offer specially designed tours to showcase the best this city has to offer in the short time you are here! We also offer tours specially designed for cruise ship passengers in St Petersburg, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Riga and Tallinn, and many more! Please contact us for more details. 

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Экскурсии в этом направлении также доступны на русском языке. Мы всегда рады Вашим вопросам и с удовольствием расскажем Вам о предлагаемых турах. Вы можете связаться с нами по адресу info@milkandhoneytours.com или заполнив форму на веб-сайте.


Walking tours starting at 300 EUR for 3 hours - Driving tours starting at 420 EUR for 3 hours.

Special Tours

Culinary Berlin: German Cuisine Between Tradition and Innovation

Alongside German chef and M&H Tours culinary advisor Gaby Baum, we have closely examined classical German food tradition to curate this new tour with the cultured traveler in mind. Explore the real Berlin culinary districts – away from the hipster-oriented pop-up restaurants – where urban coffeehoues, authentic beer halls, Southern German wine bars, and Butterbrot are waiting for you.