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Bratislava Streets Slovakia private city tour
Bratislava Streets

A Crossroads of Cultures

Bratislava is magical town in the heart of Central Europe. Once the imperial capital of the Habsburg Kingdom of Hungary, it became a reluctant part of Czechoslovakia after WWI, then part of Nazi Germany, then the Communist Eastern Bloc. Today it is happily a free city, the capital of Slovakia with a population of half a million. Bratislava has a troubled yet fascinating story it is yearning to tell.


On the banks of the Danube River and at the foothills of the Little Carpathian Mountains, Bratislava enchants visitors just 40 miles away from the Austrian capital of Vienna. Bratislava’s architecture is diverse - showcasing Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements.  Not to be missed, the Bratislava Castle perched on an outcrop, provides views of Austria and even Hungary as Bratislava can boast being the only world capital that borders two other nations so closely! In total, twenty monarchs were crowned in the castle giving the city the nickname ‘Coronation Town.’ A visitor can see furnished rooms dating back to the 1600s as well as the excellent Slovakian National Museum inside the castle walls.


A local secret - the surrounding hillsides and neighbouring towns have for centuries been the sites of vineyards and proud Slovakian wine-growing heritage. A Slovakian wine-tasting should be added to your Bratislava to-do list! The cuisine in Bratislava is equally diverse, reflecting the many ethnic and cultural influences that have punctuated the history of the city. 


Definitely not to be forgotten, the notable footprint of communism can be observed in the rank and file concrete army of prefab buildings (panelák in Slovakian) and notable monuments that dot the capital.  Straddling the Danube in a strange UFO-like shape, the Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising is the more conspicuous communist-inspired piece of architecture.  Topped with the aptly-named UFO restaurant, the bridge offers a panoramic perspective of the city.


Enjoy a tour with Milk and Honey in Bratislava. Let the history speak for itself as you comb the streets and visit unusual sites. Don’t forget to visit opulent Vienna and mystical Budapest on your way! 

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