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A visit to Bucharest, the capital of Romania, confirms the centuries of political turmoil that the city has endured at the hands of various European empires. The tree-lined city lies on the Dâmbovița River and contains, along with Belle Epoque buildings and charming parks, some of Romania’s most alluring sites, including the Arcul de Triumf, modeled after Paris’ Arc de Triomphe and the neoclassical Romanian Athenaeum concert hall.


Bucharest’s identity has been shaped by its entanglements with the Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian Habsburg, and Imperial Russian Empires in the 17th and 18th centuries. The city’s more recent history has also been deeply defined by the 20th century German occupations of Romania during the First and Second World Wars, as well as by its Communist government and rule by notorious dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu. This has provided for Bucharest’s eclectic cultural life and diverse collection of medieval, French-inspired art nouveau, Art Deco, Bauhaus, and Communist-influenced architectural styles that has gained the city much renown.


Your tour will take you through modern Bucharest, still very much infused with these intersecting histories. You’ll discover Europe’s largest building, Ceauşescu’s Palace of the Parliament, the old city center, and Revolution Square, the site of the Romanian Revolution in 1989. 

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