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  • Copenhagen's City Center -  Grand Sightseeing Tour

Copenhagen is both a cozy Scandinavian capital and a busy international metropolis. The city is resplendent with parks, gorgeous architecture, and a wealth of gourmet dining options (16 Michelin-starred restaurants with 20 stars between them.) There is a widely-honored creative spirit and laidback atmosphere here, as evident on its bicycle-filled, cobbled streets as it is in the many charming, stylish cafes dotting this urban landscape. In short, there's something for everyone here!


On a Milk & Honey Tour, you can discover Copenhagen's bustling city center and plenty more! Your guide will enliven all of the main tourist highlights by telling you about the city's fascinating past and present.


You can visit the stunning Christiansborg Palace, home to the Danish Parliament, and the iconic Little Mermaid statue (inspired, of course, by Hans Christian Andersen's famous tale.) You'll also see the Gefion Fountain, the Royal Palace, the neoclassical Cathedral, and the centuries-old University of Copenhagen. Explore tiny streets of the historical Latin Quarter, crammed with secondhand bookstores and cozy jazz clubs, as well as the picturesque Nyhavn Canal, a colorful 17th century waterfront lined with brightly-colored townhouses and bustling cafes.


Throughout your tour, the city's reputation for impeccable design will become clear, and the charming landscape will reveal itself through smells and tastes, sights and sound. Come see why Copenhagen is known as "the happiest city in the world!"

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