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In the Mosque-Cathedral Cordoba Spain private city tour
In the Mosque-Cathedral

The Ornament of the World

Córdoba is a Spanish jewel basking in the Andalusian sun.  At a cultural crossroads, Córdoba contains the vestiges of the Roman Empire as well as the ever-present remains of Islamic influence as part of the Córdoba Caliphate that spread across the Iberian Peninsula.


The city and surrounding region boast the warmest summer temperatures for Europe, making for a leisurely cultural pit-stop for history lovers.  Unbeknownst to many, Córdoba is said to have been the most populous city in the world at the turn of the 10th century!  Though not as populous as yore, modern Córdoba brings together historical Islamic and Christian traditions in picturesque southern Spanish flair.  In light of this, the historic center of Córdoba has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Paying homage to the cultural mix, the vaunted Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba is said to represent the pinnacle of Moorish architecture once housing Christian and Islamic places of worship under one roof.


In the spring and summer months, Córdoba comes alive with floral charm. Every May, the Battle of the Flowers (Batalla de las Flores) kicks off a series of events culminating in the Patio Contest, that sees the entire city decked out in colorful flower arrangements as neighbors compete for the most beautifully-decorated patio area in true Moorish architectural style.  To add to the sights and smells, the best names in Flamenco music descend on the city to provide visitors and locals alike with lively beats to enliven your stay.


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