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The Semperoper Dresden Germany private city tour
The Semperoper

Post-War Rebirth of a Baroque City

Dresden’s magnificent Church of Our Lady, or the Frauenkirche, represents the city’s recent accomplishments in reconstructing its destroyed landmarks. Once known for its city center decorated with Renaissance and Baroque architectural fixtures, Dresden has survived periods of destruction and neglect during the Second World War and the rule of Communist regimes after it. Although reconstruction of the city has reshaped its landscape considerably, Dresden is to this day indelibly marked by the various atrocities that it has witnessed.


Since German reunification in 1990, many of Dresden’s architectural and cultural landmarks have been restored, including the Semper Oper, the city’s 19th century opera house and the Baroque Zwinger, containing two of Dresden’s most important museums. Nestled between Berlin and Prague on the River Elbe, today’s Dresden is once again a picturesque city that promises to fascinate visitors with its rich history and cultural life.

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