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Girona Cathedral Spain private city tour
Girona Cathedral

Girona, City of the Four Rivers

Explore Girona, City of the Four Rivers on our private city tour. Steeped in history, this beautiful city is located at the confluence of the rivers Ter, Onyar, Galligants and Guell. Throughout its history, Girona experienced rulerships of the Iberians, Romans, French, Spanish and others. Today, you can still see the distinct marks left behind by each of its conquerors.




The historic city of Girona invites visitors to trace its history, of more than 2000 years long, through two fortified enclosures, the Força Vella and the Medieval Quarter. The Força Vella dates back to the Roman foundation while the medieval extension of the city walls was carried out during the 14th and 15th centuries. It enables visitors to stroll along a walkway following some sections of the longest Carolingian walls in Europe and enjoy marvelous views over the surrounding landscape.




One of the highlights on our private city tour is the Cathedral, built and rebuilt between the 11th and 18th centuries. The Cathedral displays various architectural styles, from Romanesque (the cloister and Charlemagne tower) and Gothic (the steps with a large Gothic nave that is the widest (23 metres) of its kind in the world) to the baroque elements seen on its façade.




Apart from the medieval heritage, the city is home to an interesting architecture of the Modernism and Noucentisme. A stroll around the city center and different neighborhoods allows the visitor to admire apartment blocks, single-family houses and industrial buildings designed by prominent architects, such as, Rafael Masó (Batlle Apartment Block, Farinera Teixidor, Casa Masó, "la Punxa" and Casa Gispert Saüch), Eugeni Campllonch (Casa Franquesa), Isidre Bosch Bataller (Casa Furest and Casa Noguera), Joan Roca Pinet (Casa Norat and Casa Rigau), Josep Martí Burch (Auguet Apartment Block), and Enric Catà Catà (Regàs Distilleries).




The highlights of this multicultural city and its diversity are rounded off by the impressive old Jewish Quarter.




Take our private city tour of Girona, and experience its rich history.






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