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Memorial sites of Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau

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Krakow is known for its spectacular Wawel Castle on the Vistula River, the former seat of the Polish Royal government which once ruled from Krakow.  The city boasts a long and majestic history and in the past few decades, Krakow seems to have created a new reputation for itself as a city intensely dedicated to remembering and celebrating its past. Krakow is Poland’s second-largest and one of its oldest cities. The city dates back to the seventh century, and its Old Town, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, exemplifies just how Krakow  preserves and memorializes its history. The Old Town’s Main Market Square, its bustling central marketplace, and the Gothic St. Mary’s Basilica with its famous hourly trumpeting are part of the Old Town’s charming appeal for visitors today. Krakow is also renowned for its post-war movements to remember and reclaim its Jewish heritage, which indeed has a long and significant history in the city. The former Jewish Quarter of Kazimierz now has eight remaining synagogues, including the famous Remu Synagogue dating back to 1553, which is still in use today. Many visitors to Krakow also visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial, located near the city. In Krakow you’ll discover a city eager to share its fascinating history and its effervescent cultural life.


We also offer tours in Warsaw and can design for you tailored programs that include excursions to smaller towns and cities all over Poland. 

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