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Palacio Salvio Montevideo Uruguay
Palacio Salvio

Gauchos and Tango

On the convergence of Río de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean, Montevideo is the southernmostcapital in the Americas. This capital, the most populated city of Uruguay, is relatively young, asthe city was founded only in the 18th century. But although the history of Mondevideo is not solong, it can offer a tourist many fascinating sights and stories.


Thanks to its strategic location on the coast, Montevideo played an important role in trade andmilitary conflicts, but was also an attractive destination for immigrants in the 20th century. Peoplecoming from different countries made an impact on the city’s culture and image. Today, you canfind a wide variety of colours and architectural styles in Montevideo. The unique gaucho culturehad a significant role in the history of Uruguay and its capital; in fact, the gaucho is a nationalsymbol here! Today, one can learn about the lifestyle of these South-American cowboys in the Gaucho Museum in Montevideo.


Montevideo will be exciting for any art lover, as it is a very artistic capital, and cultural life here isvibrant: numerous theatres, galleries, and small tango bars are open for visitors, along with thebiggest collection of Uruguayan art in the National Museum.


Explore the city with our professional, handpicked guide to get a full impression of Montevideo’s history and culture! 

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