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The bulging metropolis of 12 million in Europe’s East, the realm of czars and Soviets - the mega-city of Moscow sure packs a punch! Be it the recognizable onion-domed cathedrals or the lavish metro stations that are attractions in and of themselves, Moscow is a pulsating city of historical proportions.


A wander around the spiritual and cultural heart of Russia, in the Red Square, is an absolute must for newcomers to Moscow. A panorama of monuments, the colorful St. Basil’s Cathedral sits next to the vast walls of the Kremlin - now the Russian seat of power and once a royal citadel. Also at the walls, lies Lenin embalmed in his tomb since 1924 while the State Museum, Kazan Cathedral and the giant GUM department store instil the square’s long expanse as the pomp-filled backdrop for Russia’s annual Victory Day Parade.


One of the oldest surviving streets in Moscow and today home to street artists galore, old Arbat Street with its unusual lanterns dazzles the passerby with a uniquely old-world look of the Russian capital. Once synonymous with Russian nobility, withstanding fire during Napoleon’s occupation, the pedestrian haunt lays the scene for the Vakhtangov Theater or the Pushkin House Museum in honor of the famed Russian writer.


The loftiest of the Stalinist Seven Sisters, the spires of the Moscow State University provides a look into architectural psyche of communist times. A way out from the very center of the city, the panoramic visit to the neigboring Vorobeyevy Hills offer a touch of nature in the otherwise throbbing city.


Let our guides take you on a magical journey from old to new in this thriving metropolis. Immerse yourself into the immensity of all the wonderful sites in Moscow with Milk and Honey Tours!

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