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The capital of Bavaria and a perennial favorite for lovers of all things typically German, Munich is at once elegant and eclectic, chaotic and staid. There is something for everyone here, in this city that has been both enhanced and encumbered by its history. For lovers of food and drink, nothing beats a morning stop at the all-things-in-one-place Viktuallenmarkt or an evening spent clinking frothing glasses over Bavarian music at the classic beer hall Hofbräuhaus. For those who want to immerse themselves in Munich’s rich past, there are grand palaces like the Nymphenburg and the Amalienburg, as well as the Königsplatz and Odeonplatz areas, where National Socialism first gained ground. Munich is also home to technical innovation and (arguably) some of Germany’s best football teams and players, so a trip to the Bavarian capital can also mean a day at BMW World or the Allianz Arena. So come and find out for yourself what the Bavarians mean when they talk about „gemütlichkeit“: it is more than just a German word for coziness and cheeriness—it means living the good life and living to the fullest, which is never hard to do in the incomparable Munich!

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