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Myths and Legends

Prague Tour Options:

Prague’s Old Jewish Quarter 

Prague Castle 

Day-Trip to Terezin including a stop in Melnik 

Day-Trip to South Bohemia

and many more!


Prague has attracted visitors for years with its various historical landmarks and cultural attractions. Known simultaneously as the city of Kafka and of Prague Spring, your tour will guide you through the many layers of Prague’s fascinating history. You’ll discover the 9th century Prague Castle, seat of former Bohemian monarchs and of the current Czech presidency. On the other side of the famous Charles Bridge, which was built in the 14th and 15th centuries, Prague’s Old Town contains the Jewish Quarter and Jewish Museum, along with many of the city’s other tourist attractions. You’ll learn about Prague Spring and the Velvet Revolution, part of Prague’s historical fascination for its many visitors of the past decades. 


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