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City between Mountain and Sea

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Praça Mauá to Cinelândia (walking)

Leblon, Copacabana, Botafogo, Caju, Inhaúma (van or bus) – Jewish Heritage


Between golden sandy beaches and lush forested peaks, rarely has a visitor turned down the easy-going charms of the tropical metropolis of la cidade maravilhosa, the marvellous city, Rio de Janeiro. Discovered by Portuguese explorers back on the 1st of January 1502, hence “Janeiro”, the city has mountains of history that intersperse its art-deco facades and color the many faces that people its ever-popular Carnival celebrations.


From Copacabana to Ipanema, made famous in song, Rio de Janeiro’s beaches are the pinnacle of tropical cool.  For amazing panoramic views accessible by cable car, Sugarloaf Mountain sits serenely in Guanabara Bay.  Not to be outdone, the Christ the Redeemer statue upon the Corcovado peak, arms-outstretched, is one of the most resplendent monuments that gaze over the city.


A stop at Centro, the historical zone of Rio de Janeiro where it all began, concentrates all the old monuments, squares and museums among burgeoning skyscrapers where busy cariocas (Rio locals) congregate. A prime example of colonial architecture, the nearby St. Benedict Monastery’s interior marries Baroque and Rococo styles in its sumptuous gold leaf gilding.


A detour to Lapa neigborhood, named the Montmartre of the Tropics, shows off the artsy corners of the city.  Once a red-light district, the area has evolved into a happening combination of bars and nightclubs that enliven every evening.


Enjoy the sultry vibe of Rio de Janeiro on your sojourn with Milk and Honey Tours.  Our warm and friendly guides want to show you the hidden gems of this tropical paradise!

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