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La Dolce Vita” – the sweet life – it’s Rome! The “eternal city” is eternally one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Be it the Coliseum, Caravagio or Fellini, Rome is a city of superlatives, a city with icons to spare. Have a crispy thin pizza and strong espresso, ride on a Vespa around its Seven Hills and know that La Dolce Vita is here for everyone to experience.

What started as a small village thousands of years ago grew into one of the greatest civilizations of all time. Today, the grandness of history can be exhilarating and overwhelming, the abundance of sights, sounds and tastes, dizzying yet enticing. Let us take you on a personal tour of this magnificent city situated on the banks of the Tiber River, not far from the Mediterranean Sea. We will show you historical Rome as well as the Rome of the present. “All roads lead to Rome” is more than just an age-old saying: after experiencing this amazing capital, you will find yourself in love for eternity!


Rome is also one of our many port destinations. If you plan to come to your guided tour(s) by cruise ship, we would be more than happy to arrange for your transfer and arrival! 

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Walking tours starting at 360 EUR for 2 hours - Driving tours starting at 1500 EUR for 8 hours.

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Special Tours

Tivoli Gardens

Travel east from Rome to visit Tivoli’s Villa D’Este Gardens. Built 450 years ago by a Cardinal with a desire to impress his guests, the lush gardens and hundreds of fountains – true feats of engineering since they work using gravity and pressure but no pumping systems – are simply beautiful.


The Borghese Gallery

Every piece displayed across the two floors of this intimate museum would be the pride and joy of any other art institution. Along with pieces of ancient Roman art, the gallery features Bernini's most important statues – plus works by Titan, Rapael, and Carracci, to name just a few.