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With a cultural heritage bearing witness to the clash of civilizations, the Andalusian capital hides a diverse history at every street corner. From Moorish palaces such as the Alcázer of Seville, still in use by the royal family of Spain today, to the sublime gothic Seville Cathedral, built on the ruins of a Moorish mosque as a demonstration of wealth during the Reconquista – the grandeur of the monuments showcasing Seville’s history continually receives the admiration of the inquisitive out-of-towner.


With origins dating back to the Romans – evidence of which can be seen in the remaining aqueducts that trace the city – Seville is a modern Andalusian town with an historical soul.

Once a minaret in Moorish times, the lofty bell tower Giralda in the historic core of the city is a remnant of a lavish Islamic past that was converted in Renaissance style by conquering Spaniards.


The opulence continues between the colonnades of the more recent Plaza de España, a hallmark of Renaissance Revival architecture, designed by Sevillan architect Aníbal González on the occasion of the visiting World Fair. Used as a grand backdrop in multiple films, the intricately decorated walls of the buildings beguile all who pass by.


Awarded by UNESCO as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, the furious strumming of fiery and fierce flamenco music can be heard throughout the city. In Casa de Memoria, rowdy Andalusian evenings of dance and song enliven crowds, savouring the best that Seville has to offer.


Invigorate you’re the multicultural spirit of Islamic, Jewish and Christian influences with Milk and Honey Tours on a trip to sunny Seville. Also keep our tours in Córdoba, Granada and Madrid in mind as you rove around the cultural gems of Spain! 

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