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Stockholm from the Water Sweden private city tour
Stockholm from the Water

Gamla Stan, the Vasa Museum and Much More!

This progressive, hip city between Lake Mälaren and its gorgeous archipelago of neat, little islands is the queen of Scandinavia. With its Viking history, knack for cool design, Stockholm is a breath of very fresh Scandinavian air on the Baltic Sea.


A visit to Stockholm cannot exclude a tour to the famed Vasa Museum. Located on the island of Djurgården, this maritime museum holds the salvaged wreckage of the Vasa ship that sank in the Stockholm archipelago on its maiden voyage. Named for the prominent royal family from Gustav Vasa, thought to be the founder of modern Sweden, the museum displays a host of timeless momentos tracing imperial history of the kingdom.


Also located on Djurgården, the open-air museum of Skansen is a plunge into rural Swedish life over the last few centuries. Be your own Pippi Longstocking as you explore farmsteads and take a peek at Sami campsites, representing the ethnic people of the Scandinavian north.


For the finest Swedish cuisine has to offer, a bite at exclusive Östermalm’s Saluhall cannot go amiss.  Behind its red-brick façade, countless stands bursting with fruits, vegetables, cuts of meat, cheeses and seafood seduce the senses.  Founded in 1888, Stockholm’s Saluhall has gained an international reputation as a foodie mecca for typical Swedish and international produce.


A stroll through the cobbled streets of Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s veritable old town, gives a taste of truly historic Stockholm. Most notable is the Stockholm Palace, housing the Swedish royal family. Don’t miss the daily fanfare of the changing of the guard just after midday!


Topped with its three golden crowns, the imposing Stockholm town hall stands proud as a fine example of Swedish national romanticism.  Every year, the illustrious Nobel prizes are awarded in the hall’s banquet rooms. The height of Swedish opulence – after dinner, laureates and royalty dance in the hall’s Gyllene salen, covered with its 18 million gold mosaic tiles.


Stockholm is also one of our many port destinations. If you plan to come to your guided tour(s) by cruise ship, we would be more than happy to arrange for your transfer and arrival! 


Join a tour with Milk and Honey as you discover the best of hip and happening Stockholm.


You may also wish to join our friendly guides in Tallinn, Riga and Gdansk as you explore the fascinating history on the Baltic Sea!

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  • Stockholm Artipelag
  • Art and Architecture: Centralbadet and the Lärkstaden 
  • Art and Architecture: Djurgarden island 
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Visit Stockholm's largest art gallery on this tour of the Artipelag, a unique venue for art, events, and food situated only 12 miles from the city center. The archipelago on which the gallery is located is a Swedish paradise, replete with fresh air, rocks, cliffs, and beaches. Inside the main building, designed by Johan Norén, you'll find not only the gallery but also two restaurants with outdoor seating and magnificent sea views.

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