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Panorama of the City

Würzburg, Baroque Pearl of Bavaria

Take our private city tour in Würzburg and explore the Baroque pearl of Bavaria on your journey through Germany. This splendid city, located on the Main, has a lot to offer. Beautiful urban landscape with an incredible old town, baroque buildings and delicate wines attract tourists from all over the world.


The history of Würzburg dates back to the Bronze Age, and today the location of the pre-historical settlement is occupied by the impressive Marienberg Fortress. Our private city tour will also include the Marienkapelle. Built on the bank of the Main in the 8th century, this beautiful church had been rebuilt several times in the centuries to come, and definitely represents one of the major city highlights.


One of the most prominent people in the history of Würzburg was Prince-Bishop Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn who founded one of the main highlights of the city – the Juliusspital hospital and the winery.  The Prince-Bishop was involved in a lot of construction projects in the city, and thanks to him, a renaissance castle on Marienberg and a lot of churches across the region were built. In addition, the University of Würzburg was rebuilt and reopened on his initiative. This is one of the oldest universities on the German territory, but was closed soon after it was been founded (in 1402). At the end of the 16th century, it was reopened due to the efforts of Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn.


It is precisely this university that defined the image of modern Würzburg- a lively student city with many activities and rich art scene. Würzburg is also famous for its Mozart Festival, one of the most renowned festivals for classical museum in the German-speaking world.  Unfortunately, this splendid baroque city is also known for the infamous Würzburg witch trial that was one of the biggest trials of the kind in Europe.


Explore the beautiful city of Würzburg, Baroque Pearl of Bavaria, and learn about its history on our private city tour.


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