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Roofs of Zagreb Croatia private city tour
Roofs of Zagreb

At the Crossroads of Cultures

Croatian legend has it that a viceroy, leading his parched soldiers through deserted lands, drove his sabre into the ground out of thirsty frustration, whereupon water suddenly gushed forth.  Upon seeing such a marvel, he ordered his soldiers to dig into the earth.  The Croatian word zagrabiti means approximately ‘to scoop’ and is generally considered to be the origin of the Croatian capital’s name.


Hardly dry, Zagreb lies along the Sava River and has established itself as an important powerhouse in South-eastern Europe. With origins dating back to Roman times and as an important center of commerce during former Yugoslavian times, the city has abundant cultural and historical attractions to amaze any visitor.


Zagreb is jam-packed with museums ranging from the Archaeological Museum to the Croatian Museum of Naïve Art to satisfy anybody’s tastes.  The popular INmusic open-air festival draws many a crowd at the end of June each year with local and international names at the forefront of contemporary music jamming new trends into existence.


Not far from Zagreb’s center, the township of Lekenik is also worth a detour as the location for the filming of the 1971 internationally-acclaimed  film, Fiddler on the Roof. A little further afield, the somber fields of Jasenovac Concentration Camp today commemorate the atrocities committed by the puppet regime of the Independent State of Croatia during World War Two.


Let Milk and Honey Tours be your guide as you explore the diversity of Zagreb and its environs. During your stay in Croatia, you may also be interested in taking a tour of the coastal Croatian town of Dubrovnik with us.  We would be happy to greet you!

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  • Zagreb City Highlights
  • Jewish Zagreb
  • Day Trip to Rijeka and Opatija on the Adriatic
  • Day Trip to to Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Day Trip to Varaždin

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Historical Meteorological Pole Zagreb
Historical Meteorological Pole
A Gazebo in a Zagreb Park
A Gazebo in a Zagreb Park
Elements of Ars Nouveau Style Zagreb
Elements of Ars Nouveau Style