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With settlements dating as far back as the Bronze Age, the city of Zurich was founded by the Romans as early as 15 B.C.E.. Under the leadership of Huldrych Zwingli, in 1519, Zurich became a center for Protestant Reformation in Switzerland and the whole of Europe. Today, as a global financial center synonymous with bankers and transactions, Switzerland’s biggest city has a wealth of other historical and cultural treasures to share.

Zurich is an art lover’s paradise. In the Zurich Kunsthaus, marvel at artwork spanning the Middle Ages to the modern day with the likes of Monet, Gauguin or Swiss modernist Peter Fischli – to name just a few.

For those in the mood for luxury, a gander down Zurich’s Bahnhofstraße may be just the ticket.  An exclusive shopping avenue, Bahnhofstraße is considered to be the most expensive street in all of Europe. Predominantly pedestrianized, the chic street is also a hub for the city’s expansive tram network while also leading to Paradeplatz, one of the best known squares of Switzerland by Lake Zurich.

A cultural institution of Zurich par excellence, the Cabaret Voltaire has had a long, seedy history as a nightclub, evolving into a space for experimental performance art with a political pinch in this decidedly neutral country. At the turn of the millennium, facing imminent closure, a collective of self-titled neo-Dadaists illegally occupied the place, subsequently breathing new life into it where it is today at the center of cultural and artistic exchange in the city.

Let Milk and Honey Tours take you on a journey beyond the financial façade of this global city. You may also wish to consider adding a tour with us to the multicultural French city of Strasbourg during your Swiss stay.

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