Culinary Lisbon

3.5 hour walking tour led by a local and experienced guide


The local cuisine in Lisbon takes full advantage of Portugal’s rich natural resources. Between fantastically arable farmland and the freshest of seafood, Lisboetas are blessed with an impressively high quality of food. This tour will give you a taste of the simple yet delectable diet found in the Portuguese capital.


Kick off your tour with a traditional breakfast of coffee and pastel de nata, a divinely creamy custard-egg pastry, before exploring the Old Town (aka Baixa de Lisboa) and Alfama neighborhoods. While meandering through maze-like alleyways, you will learn about local history – not to mention the best food and fado spots.


Continue on to a hand-picked selection of shops where you will taste gourmet canned fish, the unofficial national sandwich of Portugal, and local alcoholic delights (think craft beer and green wine.) No culinary experience would be complete without something sweet, which is where freshly-picked fruits and nuts come in to close out this delicious day.



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