The Sweeter Side of Venice: Chocolate and Coffee

3 hour walking tour led by a local and experienced guide


Experience the long-standing tradition of local indulgence through this truly "to-die-for" exploration of Venice. As a trading hub for centuries, the city boasts unique histories of chocolate and coffee, both dating back to the 17th century. Your guide will be happy to share the stories of these items’ respective introductions – and of their legacies – with you on this specialty walking tour.


Set off from St. Mark's Square to take in some of the most elegant and celebrated coffee houses in the city, where you will have the chance to sample two delectable beverages and to hear about their significance within Venetian society. Continue on to a renowned chocolate shop in the Castello district in order to try premium chocolates with none other than the establishment’s master chocolatier – a fitting initiation to a food consumed almost exclusively by royalty when it was first brought to Europe.


Conclude your tour with tastes of local espressos served alongside delicious cookies, and delight in knowing that you too have enjoyed "the sweeter side of Venice!"

Venice for Gourmands

2 hour walking tour led by a local and experienced guide


Share the pleasures of relaxation, gossip, and – crucially – good food and drink on this culinary exploration of Venice, centered around the 700 year old Rialto Market and its colorful environs.


Your expert guide will assist in the selection of the tastiest cicheti, AKA finger food, available. Cicheti comes in many different forms; ranging from cured meats and seafood of every variety (velvety codfish, sweet and sour sardines, etc.), to simple cheeses and grilled or fried vegetables, there is something here for every palate. In hand-picked bàcari (a term for local wine bars which honors Bacchus, the god of wine), you will have the opportunity to revel in extensive selections of local wines plus options from all key Italian regions.

Throughout these charming backstreets, your guide will paint vivid pictures of the people and events unique to the neighborhood. You are sure to walk away from the experience not only with a unique appreciation for the local gastronomy, but also with a newfound understanding of Venetian history.


This tour is perfeclty-suited to the late afternoon hours.


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