Voices of Our Guests


We took a Jewish tour of Lisbon you arranged [..]. I just wanted to let you know how excellent a guide she was. We enjoyed the time with her enormously. She was very knowledgeable, articulate, kind and attentive to our desires. I would recommend her to anyone.


Bob B.


I just wanted to thank you for your extreme efforts and for arranging the most wonderful and perfect tour under stressful conditions. 


We absolutely loved Carolyn. She was so smart, interesting and lovely. It was a true highlight of our two week vacation. 


I send a hug and much thanks for working this out so nicely for us. 


Robin H.


Just wanted to let you know, we had a GREAT tour of Jewish Strasbourg with our guide.  She was delightful, "bubbly" (as her nickname attests), extremely knowledgable, informative, responsible and an absolute pleasure to be with.  She was definitely the highlight of our trip here.  Thank you very much for arranging this tour for us.  Very satisfied.  Five stars!


Baruch Johnson


I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the tours you arranged for me. The driver was great! He was very personable, had a good sense of humor and tried to accommodate me in every way possible.


My guide was outstanding. She was kind, courteous and very eager to make me as comfortable as possible. [...] I found her to be warm and open to discussing anything I brought up. On several occasions she bought me remembrances from the places we were visiting because she thought I needed to have have them to make my visit complete. I can not say enough positive compliments about her. I feel as if I made a friend in the process of being guided through southeast Poland.


BTW, I also had the pleasure of being guided in Berlin. My friends from Australia set these tours up with Milk and Honey Tours at my suggestion. I look forward to the guides you have set up for us in Barcelona and Amsterdam.


Sheryl B.



My husband and I have used Milk and Honey in the past.  Most recently in Vienna.  Our guide was the best guide we have ever had. E.H.


Just wanted to give you some feedback and let you know that today was wonderful. Emotional but wonderful. Joanna was so knowledgeable. And the driver was great. Thank you. 




Our experience in Amsterdam with our guide was both fun and interesting. She was engaging, informative and entertaining and we both benefited from all the knowledge she imparted.


From the time the ship docked in Warnemuende and our driver was there to fetch us in his very comfortable car - we had a memorable experience!


Our driver made us feel really welcome and by the time we met our guide we were ready for a "full" day.


Our guide in Berlin was the most enlightened, inspiring, engaging and PASSIONATE tour guide that we have ever experienced. She made a rather "difficult" experience into something that we would have not missed for the world!!


She brought Berlin alive with the history in a sensitive and compassionate way - we only wish that we had more time- we will definitely be returning one day!!


Audrey and Roy Kaplan

Voices of our guests:


We just returned from our tour to Terezin with our guide. We are most grateful. We learned so much from her and her kindness, knowledge and deep reflections enhanced our tour. Thank you too for making such outstanding arrangements. Our driver was also excellent. It will be our pleasure to recommend your company to any who are looking for excellence in travel and also those who are particularly looking for Jewish travel. Thank you again.


Rabbi Denise L. Eger and Rabbi Eleanor Steinman


My husband & I thoroughly enjoyed both our tours. Both guides, as well as guide in training, were well informed & knowledgeable about their cities. Even though I had done one of your tours of Berlin in 2010, our guide showed me Berlin from a different perspective again. My husband, who had not been to Berlin & I learned a lot & thoroughly enjoyed the company of our guides. Our guide in Frankfurt shared her passion for the city with us. We learned a lot & wished we had more time to spend there. She was a delight to be with.


I would highly recommend your tour company to any one wanting a guide in the cities you operate from.


Sandra Jedwab


I wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed our walking tour of Jewish Paris this past Wednesday, November 9.   Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable about the Jewish history of Paris, and Paris in general.  His enthusiasm for the subject matter, as well as sharing his love of Paris and its Jewish history was infectious.


Liz Hack

Budapest / Prague / Vienna

[..] Thank you for making our trip through the Danube such a tremendous, emotional and wonderful  experience. All the guides in Prague, Budapest and Vienna were extremely knowledgeable, professional and more than helpful. We learned quite a bit and were privileged to be guided by them… Please express our thanks to them and know that we have already told many friends and acquaintances about Milk and Honey and of our extremely positive experience.


Many thanks…


H. Campbell


Krakow / Warsaw

Once again I just want you to know that the second [tour] was also wonderful. You definitely have amazing guides who are certainly loyal to you. Thank you so much for making our short Poland experience absolutely positive and memorable.


We will definitely be in touch soon.


M. Goldman


My niece Louise and I had a wonderful tour. 


Our guide was terrific - my niece was a little concerned she would lose interest after an hour or two, but our guide balanced up the history with the present and is a genuinely lovely person to spend a few hours with. We had walked the city over previous days and to have the context and history explained was wonderful. 


Catherine Redden

Buenos Aires


The consensus of our group of 9 who went on the tour guided by Kevin was that it surpassed our expectations and was really worth the time and expense. Kevin was knowledgeable, chose good things to see and enthusiastic about teaching us about the Jewish community in Buenos Aires. So, despite the fact that we had been touring for 7 days and done a lot of traveling, we all overcame fatigue and recognized that we had an excellent experience.


L. Schor


It's such a pleasure dealing with you and with all the staff and guides of Milk & Honey! You make learning and experiencing a vast span of history and culture so interesting, and so easy. Thanks so much for EVERYTHING in every place we've been - and still plan to see!.... Every one of ...[my comments] is so true and filled with deep thanks for your outstanding service and commitment to "telling the Jewish story" to those of us who are traveling to distant locations to experience "our" history.


Ellen B.


I want to let you know that the tour we had in Amsterdam was one of the best personally guided tours of any type we have ever had. The quality of the tour was 10/10. We instantly related to the guide. She was personal, friendly, engaging and incredibly knowledgeable. She presented us a fascinating history of Jewish Amsterdam illustrated by buildings, sites, photographs she brought and her own extensive knowledge. A wonderfully enlightening and educational experience.


Steve C.


We just wanted to take the time to say that the tour [with our guide] was fantastic! The information she gave us was interesting and the way she presented it was very entertaining. She was very kind to our children and made us really understand the history of the Jewish people in Rome! It was truly one of the best tours we've had. Thank you!


The Sanabria Seiden Family


Feedback: I want to share with the company how absolutely thrilled we were with our guide in Prague, she was outstanding. She is probably one of the best travel guides we have ever had. She knew the history of the Jewish people but general history as well and was delightful - energetic - our children were very happy as well. I am a tough sell and thought she was outstanding


Noa, everything was perfect: both scheduling and the tours. The guide in Berlin was fantastic. Thank you.


Ronald F.


Our tour [in Berlin] was excellent and it met all our expectations. Our guide was wonderful, she is extremely knowledgeable and with very good teaching skills. We learned a lot with her and she certainly new how to make the tour very enjoyable. Her English was perfect.


Best regards and thanks again for everything,


Roberto B.


[I would like to] write to thank you for arranging for our very informative and enjoyable day with our Venice guide. Her deep knowledge of both historical and contemporary Venice - in its Jewish and "non-Jewish" aspects - helped us to learn about the city in a way that would otherwise not have been possible.  We had requested and of course loved the tour of the Jewish ghetto and synagogues, but found so much more through her skilled and energetic leadership - the fresh fish/vegetable/fruit/spice market in Rialto, Canarregio street scenes, water taxis, gallery and art districts, and an amazing experience in the Schiavon glass factory and showroom in Murano were special highlights, but there was so much more to see and discover in the several hours we spent with the guide in this magical city.  At all times, she was generous, helpful, and personal in the best possible way.  Given that we had only a limited amount of time in Venice, we felt that we saw a lot for a first visit, and look forward to a return someday to experience even more.  Thanks to you and [the guide] for making this an outstanding, meaningful, and fun visit!  I also want to thank M&H for detailed, prompt, and courteous service in planning our program, and especially for your outstanding assistance when the Istanbul portion of the Viking tour had to be cancelled.  Your excellent "customer service" gives us complete confidence and great anticipation as we approach each of the trips we have planned with you. 


As always, thank you for opening wonderful new worlds to us. More to come!


Ellen B.


Our trip to Vilnius was wonderful!


We were so very happy with our tour guide. He was very knowledgeable, helpful, pleasant to be with and he took us everywhere we wanted and more! He spent 8 hours with us!! [...]


Thank you so very much!


A. Swain


Just to let you know what a great day we had today with your guide in Lisbon. the depth of his knowledge and the warmth of his presentation made the day truly memorable.


Jack and Rosalind F.

Budapest / Prague

Always a pleasure to hear from you.  I am very pleased to report that both of our tours (Prague and Budapest), were exceptional.  Both tour guides were very knowledgeable about the subject, very pleasant and interesting.  They didn’t confine their knowledge to just the Jewish parts of each city, and gave us a wealth of information about both the Jewish history and the overall history and great sights in each town.  I’d use M&H for any city we go to in Europe at this point.  Your team is fantastic.


Bill Breskin


Our clients came back so very impressed with all of your services! This was one of the best guiding experiencing that they have ever had! They absolutely loved her and your drivers. They appreciated their knowledge, sense of humor and flexibility. I did not receive a single negative comment. They felt that the guide had a very big impact on their entire Vienna experience.


I so greatly appreciate that you suggested her and that you carefully serviced these very important clients. They are singing your praises as I am! I will not hesitate to recommend you to all of my agent affiliations


Susan, Travel Agent


Our tour in Mumbai was outstanding!!! The guide was exemplary and we will recommend Milk and Honey to our friends.


S. Dugoff


We were very happy with the tour, both me and my husband. Our guide was an excellent guide and very interesting to listen to. She gave us a fantastic memory of Riga. The interesting Jewish areas with the ghetto, the Great Synagogue, the Jewish Museum, (she opened it although it was closed earlier because of shabbat), the Jewish Community House and we even saw some very interesting memorial places around the city of Riga.


Then we also saw the old town of Riga with its very interesting architecture and rebuilding of the destroyed buildings during the second world war.


She made us understand a bit of what it's like to live in Riga/Latvia being Jewish.


M. Hüttner

Prague / Budapest

We just returned home and had fully intended to write to you about our experience with Milk & Honey.  We thoroughly enjoyed both tours, and would not have otherwise had the opportunity to so deeply explore the Jewish communities of Budapest and Prague on our trip.  Our guides were extremely professional, knowledgeable, personable, animated, and friendly (plus perfect English).


Our guide, having grown up in Budapest with Jewish roots, made us feel very connected to both the past and present.  She gave us a wonderful tour, and we are grateful that you suggested doing Budapest.


We found our guide in Prague to be exceptional, even more so since he is neither Jewish nor Czech.  His depth of knowledge and understanding of Jewish history and culture was phenomenal, and he knows everything about Prague and beyond.  He told us that we were his first Milk & Honey clients and that he was impressed with the depth of your vetting process when you contacted him.  You must put him at the top of your list of guides! We will absolutely use your services again when we have the opportunity and will, of course, highly recommend Milk & Honey to our friends.  Thank you again for providing us with such first class guides.


A. Weisman