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Are you planning a study excursion or field trip with a group to Europe? 


We are proud to be the first Europe-based Jewish tour company to provide Jewish and non-Jewish groups with the deepest possible insight into the Jewish past and present here in the “Old world”, the world of our ancestors – and, as is our hope, the world of our children and grandchildren. 


Heres a few suggestions for Jewish heritage tours in different parts of Europe:

  1. The Jewish Heart of Europe: Vienna, Prague and Budapest Read more...
  2. Germany once again a homeland for Jews 
  3. Landjudentum - The Rural Jews
  4. Daniel Libeskind's Architecture 
  5. Holocaust Memorial Sites in Germany (please email for more details)

  6. Jewish Women in Germany 
  7. The Roots of Reform Judaism (please email for more details)

Milk & Honey Tours will put together a customized tour program for your group and provide you with expert guides who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in guiding tours of your specific interest. 


We offer complete organizational support:

  • tailor-made itineraries
  • reservations and tickets for cultural events
  • city tours
  • guided museum visits
  • hotel and/or restaurant reservations
  • bus or minibus charter
  • speakers / lecturers
  • organization of one-day excursions from the city you are staying in

Let us help you develop a program exactly to your needs. We can combine cities and themes of your choice. Reduce your stress! Let us take on all those details which will make your visit a great experience and a success.


We have worked successfully for JNF, AJC, Friends of the Hebrew University, JDC, several universities and federations.