Private City Breaks

Spend time with your beloved one or your family and combine a great weekend or a couple of days with some indepth Jewish heritage and history experiences.



For a few years now, Italy is a prominent destination for Jewish Heritage Tours. While the main focus was on Rome and Venice, the stunning regions of Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Puglia/Basilicata are becoming more and more popular.


Thus, we have put together a couple of itineraries for you to design an exciting Tuscany program: covering the Florence and Siena region, with the most illustrious Jewish and non-Jewish sights, like Medici villas, stunning synagogues, and breath-taking museums like the Uffizi. Hidden gems in the countryside and extraordinary culinary experiences and wine tasting are available to round up the program! We can naturally offer you kosher and shorter weekend packages, too in this gorgeous part of Northern Italy.

Tuscany 2020
Find here our 2020 itineraries for a great short stay in Tuscany.
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One of Europe´s top destinations, Berlin is a must for the (Jewish) traveller! Constantly evolving, constantly re-defining itself, this hotbed of creative energy has something for everyone - art, nature, architecture, gastronomy and, of course, history in spades. Every corner of the German capital has a fascinating story, and we want to share it with you. Home of the 18th century Jewish Enlightenment and 19th century Reform movement; of Moses Mendelssohn, Einstein and, nowadays, Daniel Barenboim, to name a few, Berlin pays homage to the golden era of the Jewish community, most notably with the spectacular golden-domed New Synagogue. Yet the city, which was also home to the Nazi terror, remembers its dark era in numerous moving memorials throughout the city. Today, Daniel Libeskind’s Jewish Museum draws visitors from the world over and even in the heart of the world famous museums island, tribute is paid to the Jewish contribution to Berlin´s culture: the James-Simon-Gallery is dedicated to the donor of the Nefertiti bust to the Berlin state Museums. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall the city has re-created itself and is now one of Europe's most exciting urban destinations – and we have a great package for you!   

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