Culinary Warsaw

4 hour walking tour led by a local and experienced guide


What did the last king of Poland eat for diner? Where did the famous composer Frederic Chopin hang out? What are pierogis, chulent, and W-Z cake?


Take part in a special culinary tour around the Old Town in Warsaw to answer these questions! See the oldest and most luxurious restaurant, as well as the cheapest milk bar which was visited by Dalai Lama! Taste an oriental-style coffee in the most aromatic café in the entire city!


The tour for families with children includes a visit to the Wedel Old Chocolate Shop where children may decorate ginger bread, cakes, and cookies using frosting and chocolate. The itinerary for adults contains beer tasting in a local brovery.


The tour ends in the Culinary Art Institute where one learns how to cook traditional Polish dishes!

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