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The Semperoper

Florence on the Elbe

Dresden is one of Europe’s most magnificent Baroque cities. Dresden has risen from the ashes of WWII and so has its Jewish community. In 2005 the first rabbis in Germany since the Shoah were ordained here in the New Synagogue and the community life is thriving once again.


Our tour combines amazing Baroque architecture with this rich Jewish history.


In this comprehensive tour we will drive around the 800 year-old ‘New City’, visiting Jewish cemeteries, but also city highlights like the Golden Horseman (Augustus the Strong depicted as a Roman Emperor!), the Blue Wonder Bridge and take a beautiful drive to see the palaces perched on the banks of the Elbe River. You will see the exciting new extension to Dresden’s Military Museum by the world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind (Jewish Museum, Berlin); a piece meant to encourage an examination of the history of violence.


We will visit the unique New Synagogue and Jewish Community Center, walk along Bruehl’s Terrace, the so-called ‘Balcony of Europe’ and marvel over the Baroque feats of architecture along the Elbe River. The Albertinum (New Masters and Sculpture Collection), the Academy of Fine Arts and the newly renovated Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche) are all within a short walk. In the heart of the old city we find Jew’s Square and learn not only about the medieval Jewish community but also about the fate of the Dresden Jewish community throughout the following centuries. The highlight of our tour will be the magnificent Semper Opera, the Royal Residence  and the 18th century Zwinger, considered a perfect synthesis of Baroque sculpture and architecture.

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Moritzburg Castle Dresden
Moritzburg Castle
The Elbe Dresden
The Elbe
Nightview with Frauenkirche Dresden
Nightview with Frauenkirche

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