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St Demetrios Church


Gain deeper insight into the long and varied history of Thessaloniki on our Jewish Thessaloniki tour. Known as the “Jerusalem of the Balkans”, Thessaloniki has been the center of Greek Jewish scholarship and community since ancient times. A Thessaloniki Jewish tour with our profoundly knowledgeable and experienced guides lets you experience Thessaloniki’s rich Jewish heritage from the inside. We explore Thessaloniki highlights of general interest, as well as specifically Jewish sites, ensuring a meaningful, enjoyable, and memorable visit to this lively and multifaceted city.


Once boasting a Jewish population of 56,000, the community was decimated by the Nazi occupation in 1941, and today only 1,200 Jews live here. Thessaloniki’s Holocaust Memorialcommemorates the tens of thousands of Jews from Thessaloniki who were murdered by Nazi violence. The core of the Jewish community of Thessaloniki remains solid, and its continuity and size throughout history is unparalleled for a city of this dimension. The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki hosts artifacts from the early days of Jewish settlement through today.


Experience the Turkish monument of Bedesten and the Hamza Bey Mosque, both of which speak to the centuries ofOttoman history in Greece, and the unique fusion of patterns and architecture brought about from this long union. Stroll the historic markets of Modiano and Allatini, where you can barter for goods the way Greeks have for centuries. Visit the Acheiropoietos and Hagia Sophia of Thessaloniki Churches, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, dating from the fifth and eighth centuries. Visit the shining examples of Salonica Religious art at the Museum of Byzantine Culture, which contains artifacts dating from the 2nd century to the 20th century.

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White Tower Thessaloniki
White Tower
Streets of Thessaloniki
Streets of Thessaloniki
View from the Sea Thessaloniki
View from the Sea
Market Thessaloniki

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