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Alhambra and the “Granada of the Jews”

Granada is nestled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Andalusia, at the confluence of the Darro and Genil Rivers. Legend has it that some of the Jews who were exiled by Nebuchadnezzar (586 B.C.E.) settled in Granada. The Moors recognized this ancient tradition by referring to the city as “Granada of the Jews.” Jewish Granada prospered under the Ummayad caliphate (755-1013), similarly to the rest of the Jewish Spanish communities. Jewish residents were involved in the cotton and silk trade, as well as in banking. Sadly, the great tradition of Sephardic Jewry ended in the expulsion of 1492. Today’s small community is active in memory work and making the “Sephardic Path,” a route that stretches throughout Spain, but especially here in Granda, a path to travel once again.


On the tour you will get the opportunity to trace Jewish history and landmarks around the city. The Juderia in Granada moved, expanded, or contracted depending on the wishes of the various Muslim rulers. The area known as Realejo, in the town center,  at times housed the largest Jewish community of medieval Granada. As we move from Plaza Nueva square up to Calle Colcha, into the Realejo neighborhood, we will stop at the statue of YehubaIbnTibon, the renowned physician, translator, philosopher and poet. The Translations Department of the Granada University (one of Spain’s largest and most prestigious) still carries his name.



We will also explore the Casa de la Juderia, a charming building that houses a small museum designed according to the plan of old Jewish Granada houses. 


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