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Largely hidden from the outside world, the island of Sardinia boasts a unique cultural heritage, ancient roots, and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. There have been inhabitants on Sardinia from prehistoric times, and some sites remain with structures dating to circa 4000 BCE. The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, and Byzantines all asserted their influence here. The island became a pawn in the religious kingdoms of the Middle Ages, and fought to maintain its identity against raids and invasions from outside naval powers. Jews were once an important part of the medieval merchant class in the town of Alghero, until they were expelled or forced to convert in 1492 by the Spanish king.


At the dawn of the modern era, Sardinia became a part of the newly united Italy, and would fight as divisions of Italians during the first and second world wars. As an important Italian holding, it was heavily targeted by allied bombing runs that would destroy many structures on the island. After the war, Sardinia became an autonomous region of the new Italian Republic.


Today, you can walk through the unique medieval town of Alghero and see evidence of the Jewish community that once thrived on its streets, stroll the boulevards and museums of the capital Cagliari, sunbathe on the unparalleled beaches of the Costa Smerelda, and uncover the many undiscovered hideaways of Sardinia.

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