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Rüdesheim, Romantic Rhine

Make the most out of your halt in Rüdesheim on your Rhine River Cruise, and discover with us some of Germany’s finest natural and historical gems. Whether you want to delve into the rich Jewish heritage of the ShUM cities, explore Jewish heritage and city highlights in Frankfurt, city also known as “Mainhattan” (the German Manhattan on the Main), or indulge in the idyllic landscape of the Rhine Valley, an unforgettable adventure is guaranteed!


The ShUM cities, Mainz, Speyer and Worms, were the main hub of intellectual, religious and spiritual life for the whole Ashkenazi world during the Middle Ages. Starting from the 11th century on, the communities hosted important Jeshivot which attracted renowned scholars such as Rashi and Meir of Rothenburg. The intensity of their interrelations is also reflected in the acronym used to refer to them: the ShUM communities (kehillot ShUM), based on the initial letters of the cities’ Hebrew names: Shpira, Wermaisa and Magenza.


In the ShUM cities, you will admire some of the oldest Jewish sites in Europe, such as the Jewish cemeteries in Worms and Mainz, where the oldest gravestones are dated back to 1049, and Speyer’s monumental mikveh and the synagogue from the early 12th century.


Frankfurt am Main, a culturally vibrant city, home to one of the world’s largest stock exchanges and the gleaming headquarters of the European Central Bank, is also one of the four largest Jewish communities in Germany. Jews have lived in Frankfurt continuously for nearly 900 years, longer than in any other German city. It was in Frankfurt where the first stock exchange in Germany was born in 1585 and it was also here that the famous family of bankers, the Rotschild family, began its rise around 1760. Travel in time with us from the history of the ancient Judengasse to our days, and visit the two venues of the Jewish museum: the Museum Judengasse and in the Rothschildpalais at Untermainkai.


If you are into an excursion to the romantic Rhine Valley, you will be rewarded by a dreamlike landscape accompanied by a glass of excellent local wine. Located between Rüdesheim and Koblenz, the Rhine Valley, with its charming castles, is one of the most idyllic parts of Germany. Due to its beauty and cultural richness, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2002. With more than 26,000 hectares dedicated to vineyards, especially on the slopes of the mountains behind the river, and because of the favourable climate, is also an important wine-growing area.


We will be delighted to take you on a journey through some of Germany’s cultural, historical and natural highlights on our Shore exursions from Rüdesheim!


Rüdesheim Tour Options

  • Jewish heritage in the Rhinevalley
  • Day Trip to Frankfurt
  • Day Trip to Shum Cities

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