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The Largest Jewish Community in Denmark

The rich history and miraculous rescue of the Danish Jews comes alive on our Jewish Copenhagen tour. Join us and discover the historic Jewish Quarter of Copenhagen. Explore the Danish Jewish Museum, designed by famed architect Daniel Libeskind. Let our Jewish Copenhagen tour enchant you with the anecdotes and sagas behind favorite Copenhagen attractions, and discover Jewish life in hidden side streets and majestic squares.


The G.F. Hetsch-designed Great Synagogue of Copenhagen was built in 1833. In the nearby Trinitatis Church, the synagogue's Torah scrolls were hidden during World War II and managed to survive unscathed! Learn about Jewish-Danish intellectualism while standing before the statue of physicist and Nobel laureate Niels Bohr. Another point of interest is the Wounded Woman Sculpture, presented to the Danish people by the State of Israel in appreciation of their help in evacuating nearly 8,000 Jews to Sweden during the Holocaust.


Our Copenhagen Jewish tour lets you witness the Jewish communities flourishing in Copenhagen today. There are an estimated 8,000 predominantly Ashkenazi Jews in Denmark, most of whom live in Copenhagen and the immediate surroundings. The city is home to two synagogues, multiple Jewish institutions, and two Jewish periodicals, proving that there is plenty of contemporary Jewish life to explore.


Though never large in numbers, Danish Jews have exerted a significant and lasting influence on the nation's culture. From renowned designer Henning Koppel to celebrated comic Victor Borge, famed architect Arne Jacobsen, and many more, their contributions are inextricably linked to the history of the country.


This interweaving of Danish and Jewish history was severely tested during World War II – and provided one of the few lights in an otherwise bleak era. Despite German occupation, Denmark saved more than 99% of its Jewish population from murder, thanks to the support of civil servants at all levels of government as well as hundreds of ordinary Danish citizens who joined the resistance movement.

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