Lima Excursions

 The City of Kings


On the Peruvian coastal plain, near the Andean foothills where one of the Seven Wonders of the World (Machu Picchu) is nestled, lies the sprawling Incan metropolis of Lima. Compared to a total population of 10 million people, today’s 3000 Jews of Lima may seem decidedly in the minority. Despite this, the diverse ethnic Jewish community in Lima has many stories to tell.



Lima’s Jewish roots originate in the emigration of Sephardic Jews and conversos (Jews converted to Christianity by force during the Spanish Inquisition, who still practiced Jewish traditions in secret) around the 16th century.


More recently, and unconventionally, learn  the real-life account of a charismatic Catholic who, in studying the teachings of Judaism in the 1960’s, came to convert hundreds of Catholic ethnic Peruvians with no known Jewish origins to the ways of the Torah. 


Experience all things Incan with a Jewish twist by taking a tour with Milk and Honey in Lima.  Our guides will give you an immersive taste of the rich cultural heritage of the Peruvian Jewish community and provide you with important historical perspective on the city as a whole. 

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