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London - The Jewish East End

The city of London is only 2 hours away from Southampton cruise ship port and is easily accessible by train or car. Today, this thriving metropolis sees a generous assortment of synagogues and Jewish cultural centers throughout its myriad boroughs. None, however, has seen the proliferation of Jewish daily life quite like in London’s East End


Mainly due to economic hardship and ever-frequent Russian pogroms, the period between the years 1881 - 1914 saw a massive influx (over two million) of predominately Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews into London’s eastern boroughs.  Concentrated around the Spitalfields parish area in London’s East, the burgeoning Jewish community rapidly established itself in a tight-knit array of schuls, yeshive, soup kitchens, Yiddish theaters and local kosher shops. By 1900, Jews accounted for 95% of the East End’s Wentworth Street residents. 


Though many of the old Jewish community have moved on, London’s modern-day East End continues to have a multi-cultural vibe with a large Bengali having taken up residence there.  Despite this, the area around Spitalfields leaves behind a wealth of Jewish heritage, waiting to be discovered in the multitudinous Georgian-era buildings

Our guides at Milk and Honey Tours would be delighted to take you on an engaging tour around the diverse monuments that make up Jewish London. Immerse yourself in the history of Jewish communities that have left their indelible mark on the cultural heritage of the ever-happening English capital.

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