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Jewish Tours Antwerp

A Jewish Diamond

Where in Europe can you still hear native Yiddish speakers on the street? In Antwerp! They boast the oldest stock exchange in the world, the second largest port in Europe, and one of the largest Jewish communities worldwide. Whether you’ve heard of Antwerp through diamonds or design, there’s a rich history of booms and busts, sieges and successes, or a rich legacy of arts, culture, and commerce to explore!


See the Jewish district and the shopping district, the Romi Goldmuntz Synagogue and the historic Grote Market. Learn the legend of Antwerp’s name, its place in history, and the people who kept Jewish life and culture alive in this city against the odds. Baroque masterpieces are hiding around every corner and in every corridor, connecting the threads from the Golden Age of Antwerp to its modern-day allure. Join our expert guide on a journey that will illuminate that thread and help you understand why Antwerp earned its reputation and stature among the great cities of Europe.


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  • Jewish Antwerp and City Highlights
  • Antwerp with a Jewish Twist
  • Antwerp City Highlights

Walking tours starting at 380 EUR/3h

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