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Chania - turbulent history in a quiet town

The city of Chania is the second largest on Crete and has a lot to offer a curious tourist – especially if you are into Jewish history and culture, because in this place, Jewish history cannot be separated from general history.


On the tour, you will discover the Old City and its rich mosaic of civilizations and religions. The whole area looks like a museum. Due to Chania’s strategic location on the eastern Mediterranean coast, many upcoming cultures of the past have reached it and left their traces. Your guide will take you on a journey through time from the pre-historic Minoan civilization to the Egyptians, and then to the Venetians and the Ottomans. You will see the remains of different styles of architecture in the city’s ensemble.


Walking the old city’s streets, you will have the chance to see the Byzantine and Venetian walls that once protected the city, as well as Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim, and Jewish places of worship. The charming little Synagogue of Chania has been renovated and is open to the visitors.


All those monuments from different cultures and times that coexist in harmony will take you hundreds of years back into the past and show the turbulent history of Chania. While listening to the stories about rulers and ordinary people, you will be able to vividly picture everyday life in the city, as it happened in the very same alleyways where you will walk.

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