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Düsseldorf with River Rhine
Düsseldorf with River Rhine


Between the skyline of Düsseldorf and the romantic emptiness of the Lower Rhine Valley the traveler might not expect an old city as pretty as you can find it here. But remember: you have heard of Heinrich Heine, who was born in Düsseldorf in 1797. Today the city is dedicating it´s university to the famous Jewish poet, who is a controverse figure having sought liberation from the restrictions Jews underwent in his lifetime through baptism.


When he later in his life regretted this decision, he stated: "I make no secret of my Judaism to which I have not returned because I never left". Visit Düsseldorf with us, experience an impportant center of Germany´s fashion industry; a "little Japan in Western Europe and find out how Jewish life is brought back to Düsseldorf by it´s active community today.

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