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Jerusalem with Dome of the Rock
Jerusalem with Dome of the Rock

The City of Milk & Honey

Over 3000 years ago, King David declared Jerusalem capital of the Kingdom of Israel, and the city has played a central role in Jewish history, culture, and tradition ever since. The Old City of Jerusalem, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, contains the holiest site of the Jewish people, the Western Wall of the Second Temple. The alleyways of the Jewish Quarter hold numerous synagogues and religious institutions. Past meets present on the restored ancient Roman street known as the "Cardo", where cafés and shops occupy spaces conceived well over a thousand years ago. At the tremendous archeological area known as the City of David excavations reveal the contours of the birthplace of Jerusalem.


Choose from our full and half-day tours, and experience Jerusalem’s unique interplay of religion, history, tradition, and modern culture.


Jerusalem Tour Options

  • Jewish Jerusalem
  • Comprehensive Jewish Jerusalem
  • Christian Jerusalem
  • Comprehensive Christian Jerusalem
  • Three Days Jerusalem
  • Day Trip to Golan Heights 
  • Day Trip to Haifa 
  • Day Trip to Judean Desert - Masada 
  • Day Trip to Judean Desert - Masada and the Dead Sea 
  • Day Trip to Nazareth 
  • Day Trip to Tel Aviv 
  • Day Trip to the Dead Sea

Driving tours starting at 440 EUR/4h

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Western Wall Jerusalem
Western Wall
Market Jerusalem