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Krakow City Center
Krakow City Center

Mourning Losses, Celebrating Renaissance

Our Krakow tours let you experience first-hand the city’s special relationship to its Jewish heritage. Kazimierz, the former Jewish Quarter of Krakow, is home to no less than eight remaining synagogues, including the world-famous Remu Synagogue, built in 1553 and still in use today. Although Krakow’s Jewish community is small, Jewish visitors from the world over are creating life anew in this city. Shops, museums, and restaurants abound, all aimed at reclaiming and celebrating Krakow’s Jewish heritage.


This work goes hand in hand with mourning the great loss of the original community. Plaszow concentration camp within Krakow itself and Auschwitz concentration camp just an hour away were at the center of the destruction of European Jewry. Most visitors to Krakow also visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum as well as the famous Schindler’s factory. One way to experience what Jewish life here means today is to attend a Shabbat service with the first full-time Rabbi working in Krakow since World War II.


We also offer tours in Warsaw and can design for you tailored programs that include excursions to smaller towns and cities all over Poland. 


Krakow is among our popular port destinations. If you plan to come to Krakow by ship, we look forward to arranging for transfer and arrival for your memorable Krakow shore excursion!


Krakow Tour Options

  • Comprehensive Jewish Krakow and City Highlights
  • Krakow’s Jewish Quarter – the Kazimierz District
  • Krakow City Highlights
  • Krakow with a Jewish Twist
  • Auschwitz and Birkenau Concentration Camp Memorial Sites

Walking tours starting at 300 EUR/3h

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Temple Synagogue
Temple Synagogue
Synagogue Krakow