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As you look out from this bustling port city out toward the Mediterranean, take the time to dive into the rich history of Livorno, a city that has swung between long periods of obscurity and fame and has come out stronger for it.


In the 16th century, Jewish immigrants flooded into Livorno, most of whom were expelled from Spain and Portugal following the Alhambra decree. The community flourished. Livorno was tolerant, expressly offering religious freedom in the city, and Jews played a prominent role in the arts and mercantile developments that propelled Livorno into one of the most important Renaissance ports. There were no ghettos in Livorno.


Upon incorporation into the Kingdom of Italy, Livorno lost its special status as a free port and subsequently lost most of its international influence.  During WW2, many Jews fled and the city was bombed extensively. The famed Synagogue of Livorno was among the countless historic buildings destroyed. After the war, the community rebuilt and today there are approximately 700 members of the Jewish community.



See the Rebuilt Synagogue of Livorno, famous for its stunning and unique design. Tour the Jewish Museum that chronicles the unique history of the Jews of Livorno. Visit the Jewish Cemeteries that commemorate the loss of Jewish life in WW1 and WW2. And admire the Monumento dei Quattro Morri, celebrating the ruler of Livorno who invited persecuted Jews to the city. All of this and more are waiting for you, discover Jewish Livorno with Milk & Honey Tours!

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