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A Bridge to the New World


Known far and wide for the wine that shares its name (Port), and for the bridges and architecture that make it easy to understand why so many people are drawn to this seaside city in Portugal - Porto has been a beacon of hope for the Jewish community in more ways than one. There’s so much to see here beyond just the beautiful beaches, great food, and relaxed Portuguese culture.


The Jewish community here was once well known. Though their arrival isn’t well documented, they established a community sometime around the 5th century and were a major force in Jewish scholarship and trade by the 12th. The community was expelled in the 15th century, and while their numbers have never fully recovered, there is an active community today with a fascinating story to tell.


Go on a quest for the Lost Medieval Synagogue of Porto, diving yourself on the forgotten Jewish neighborhood of the city. Discover the secret Medieval Streets of Porto: this is where the city was founded, and where the first Jewish neighborhood of Porto once existed! Learn about the life of a very important Jewish Captain of Porto, who founded its contemporary Jewish community. Understand how Porto and its inhabitants behaved during the Inquisition. Finish the Jewish heritage tour with a tasting of a special Kosher Drink, and visit an active Synagogue with a Jewish Museum. There’s so much to discover so don’t hesitate in letting Milk & Honey Tours guide you through Jewish Porto!


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Walking tours starting at 400 EUR/4h

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