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Split City Center
Split City Center

Flower of the Mediterranean

Split is a city of great history. Originally founded as the Greek colony of Aspálathos in the 6th century BC the urban tradition of the city goes back more than 2500 years. This Mediterranean city on the Eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea is well known for the ancient Roman palace of the Emperor Diocletian, built 1700 years ago. On our tour we will visit the Old town, see the palace and learn about the ancient history of the city as well as about the recent history of Croatia and former Yugoslavia, and, of course focus on the Jewish history of the region which goes back to the early Roman times.


The people of Split spare no words of praise for the city: the ideal sunny weather during most of the year has drawn the reference “Flower of the Mediterranean.” The historic center of the city is included into the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and known as one of the centers of Croatian culture. The historical Dalmatia region has seen influences of the Byzantine Empire and Venetian Republic dating back to the middle ages. The highlight of each Jewish Tour is a visit of the synagogue, built in the 16th century which has been in continuous use for more than 500 years and today is home to a community of about 100 people. We will see the old ghetto as well as the Jewish cemetery which was founded in 1573 and is located only 10 minutes away from the Old town on the beautiful Marjan Hill that gives a great view over the city.

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Walking tours starting at 320 EUR/4h

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Cathedral of Saint Domnius Split
Cathedral of Saint Domnius
Port of Split
Port of Split
Split Architecture
Split Architecture