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Basilica of St. Jacob Straubing
Basilica of St. Jacob

Straubings jewel of "beautiful peace"

Straubing, on the Danube between Regensburg and Passau, where the highlight of our Jewish heritage tour is an architectural gem, is a traditional, picturesque, and lively Bavarian town of approximately 50,000 inhabitants. The town is the center of the Jewish community of Straubing and Lower Bavaria for over one hundred years. An inauguration speech of a synagogue in 1897 the "beautiful harmony" within the Jewish community and the "beautiful peace" between the Jews and the people of other faiths in town were emphasized. Our private tour guide will certainly inform you about the way this coexistence took, while strolling through the former Jewish area of the town.

That was the climate in which the existing  synagogue, built after the turn of the nineteenth century, an impressive architectural jewel, was erected. The commemoration plaque in the entrance hall reads: "This synagogue was built in 1907, desecrated and vandalized in 1938 by a local Nazi mob, repaired and rededicated in 1946 by the president of the Jewish community Stefan Schwarz, restored and completely renovated between 1988 and 1989 by the chairman Israel Offman." It is one of the few Jewish houses of worship that has not been burned down or destroyed in the night of the Nazi pogrom, on November 9, 1938. Highlights are a visit to the Straubing synagogue and a guided walking tour through the historic center of Straubing coming by sites related to the Jewish heritage, such as the former Jewish alley, premisses previously owned by Jewish proprietors and holocaust monuments. All sights remind us of the good and bad times that Jewish citizens of Straubing experienced before, during and after the Shoah.

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Basilica of St. Jacob Straubing
Straubing City Center