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Tel Aviv City Center
Tel Aviv City Center

New York in the Middle East

Tel Aviv styles itself as the “City That Never Sleeps.” It stands for the global, modern, and post-modern heart of Israel. Strolling down Rothschild Boulevard today, it is hard to imagine the modest beginnings of the city. Travel back in time to the ancient origins of Tel Aviv in the port city of Jaffa. Inhabited since pre-historic times, Jaffa is mentioned several times in the Bible, and it still a modest and functional small fishing harbor today. Tel Aviv is now a city with looming high-rise buildings, lively artists’ neighborhoods, upscale restaurants, throbbing nightclubs, bustling markets, and world-renowned cultural institutions. Also known as the “White City”, Tel Aviv’s Bauhaus architecture is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Religion, history, and contemporary culture come together here to form Tel Aviv’s unique character. Although secular life prevails here, the wide array of synagogues in Tel Aviv reflects the diversity of the Jewish population. Choose from our Tel Aviv tours, and enjoy an unforgettable in-depth experience of Israel's second-largest city. 


Tel Aviv Tour Options

  • Jewish Tel Aviv and City Highlights
  • Comprehensive Jewish Tel Aviv and City Highlights
  • Graffiti and Street Art in Tel Aviv 
  • Street art and Night Life in Tel Aviv 
  • Tel Aviv Art
  • Tel Aviv Suburbs
  • German Roots in Tel Aviv 
  • In the Footsteps of Revolutionary Women
  • Urban Markets Tour
  • Three Days in Tel Aviv
  • Day Trip to Golan Heights 
  • Day Trip to Haifa 
  • Day Trip to Jerusalem 
  • Day Trip to Judean desert 
  • Day Trip to the Dead Sea

Walking tours starting at 400 EUR/4h

Driving tours starting at 600 EUR/4h

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Tel Aviv Street Art
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Port at Jaffa Tel Aviv
Port at Jaffa