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The Hague

More often recognized as a seat of worldwide organizations than for its Jewish heritage, The Hague is also home to a small but influential Jewish community.


The community was a diverse mix of Portuguese and Ashkenazi refugees, but the Nazi occupation decimated their numbers. There is an active Jewish community, estimated at around 200 members. Nowadays, the city is littered with memorials to the lost Jewish population, including sculptures and plaques to the notable members of the community and to the children killed in concentration camps. Many important documents related to Jewish life have been returned to The Hague and are stored in the national archive. The Historical Museum of The Hague has a section on the Jewish history of the city and the rich variety of the  Jewish community here. We’re looking forward to seeing you in The Hague soon, let Milk & Honey Tours show you around this world capital of culture, finance, and Judaism!

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